Intravenous (IV) therapy is designed to administer vitamins and nutrients directly into the blood stream rather than through the digestive tract. this method is intended to absorb the vitamins and minerals at a faster, more concentrated rate for optimal health and wellness. 

iv therapy

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works faster


detoxes the system

easier on digestive tract

shorter recovery time

super immune booster strengthens immune system to promote overall wellness


helps maintain weight loss, improves energy levels, boosts metabolism and supports liver health

shape up

treats dehydration by replenishing fluids and electrolytes


IV bar

the stunner

belly up

all things beauty
reduces appearance of wrinkles, redness from acne and quenches tired skin

reduces the feeling of nausea and prevents vomiting 

5 star

all inclusive
boosts performance, fights depression, improves PMS symptoms, prevents migraines and more

the fighter

myer's cocktail


the cure

rise & shine

high dose

immune booster
improves immune system for maximum wellness

the mother load
designed to reduce seasonal allergies, fatigue, and inflammation

recover and restore
replenishes essential nutrients and reduces inflammation, fights dehydration, fatigue and exhaustion

the hangover cure 
reduces migraines, headaches and hangover symptoms

rebuilds energy
flushes out toxins, speeds up recovery, and reduces nausea and headaches

myer's cocktail
alleviates stress, improves immunity, reduces pain and frequency of migraines to replenish and rehydrate

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increases energy and improves metabolism

increases metabolism, boosts energy and aides in weight loss

designed to eliminate toxins from the body, maintain youth and helps to sustain optimal health and wellness

short-term treatment for pain; helps to decrease swelling, pain and fevers

helps to prevent nausea and vomiting

intramuscular injections can be given on their own or in conjunction with any choice of an iv bag for optimal health and wellness